artis Ästhetikzentrum

Digital Audit, Social Media Management, PPC, Web Facelift


At artis Ästhetikzentrum, exceptional service and top-quality treatments are the key to their success. They know that the first touchpoint for many potential customers is online, so it was crucial to create a digital experience that reflects the quality of their brand. That’s where aeseen came in. We were given the opportunity to re-design their website, with the goal of improving the user experience and generating new customers. Our team also optimized the site for search engines and executed an effective online marketing campaign. In addition, aeseen manages artis’s Instagram account, creating engaging social media posts and writing compelling copy to further boost their online presence. The result is a cohesive, high-quality digital presence that accurately reflects the exceptional service and treatments provided by artis Ästhetikzentrum.

At aeseen, we understand the significance of brand consistency and how it can impact a business’s reputation. That’s why, for our client artis Ästhetikzentrum, we made sure that their exceptional corporate design was reflected not just in their website redesign but in every aspect of their online presence. From their booklet to their social media postings, we ensured that the high quality of Artis was palpable. By maintaining a consistent brand image, we were able to reinforce their commitment to providing top-notch services and treatments, further solidifying their position as a leader in the industry.

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